Give a gift of wine jellies!

Serving suggestions

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Serving Suggestions

Our wine jellies are wonderful served with cheese and crackers...and more...

Starfruit Rosemary - great 

on goat cheese toasts with a little

chopped  pecans on top

Grilled Pineapple - pairs well

with cream cheese and  is a fantastic 

marinade for shrimp

Blackberry Tarragon - melt some in the microwave with chopped garlic and cumin, then drizzle over grilled chicken...yum!

Mulberry Lemon - you can make this into an incredible, light, dessert-bite by putting a little on a thin ginger snap and grating just a touch of dark chocolate on top


Key Lime Banana-Pepper - just a touch of heat helps this jelly pair nicely with chicken and  pork.  Try stuffing a pork chop with gouda and fresh spinach, spreading the key lime banana-pepper jelly on top, and sprinkle with panko breadcrumbs - one of our best customers came up with this recipe and LOVES it!